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Childhood Mental Disorders and Illnesses

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Talking to Our Kids About Acts of Terrorism
Autism Live
Vince Redmond, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist discusses how to talk with children on the spectrum about acts of terrorism.

Talking to Our Kids About Death
Autism Live
LMFT Vince Redmond talks bout helping ASD children when there is a death in the family. How do we help our kids to cope? What do we say to help them to express their feelings? Vince helps with this and more!

What Is Asperger's?
Asperger's Syndrome falls under the autism spectrum. Unlike autism, someone diagnosed with Asperger's have regular language development. They do struggle with social interaction. Learn more about Asperger's by watching this video.

Autism Early Intervention
Lee Memorial Health System
An autism diagnosis is not something any parent wants to hear, but in many cases they need to hear it in order to get their children proper treatment.

Minority Children May Miss Autism Diagnosis
Lee Memorial Health System
Crossing the cultural divide. Experts believe it may be at the heart of why minority children are diagnosed with autism later than other kids.