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What Is Asperger's?
Asperger's Syndrome falls under the autism spectrum. Unlike autism, someone diagnosed with Asperger's have regular language development. They do struggle with social interaction. Learn more about Asperger's by watching this video.

Autism Early Intervention
Lee Memorial Health System
An autism diagnosis is not something any parent wants to hear, but in many cases they need to hear it in order to get their children proper treatment.

Autism and Minorities
Lee Memorial Health System
New studies show minority children are less likely to be evaluated when they're young and therefore have more delayed language, communications and gross motor skills.

Catching Autism Early
Lee Memorial Health System
A complex and mysterious brain disorder, autism affects one in 110 children. Characterized by difficult social interactions, the earlier it's diagnosed, the better.

Learning the Signs of Autism
Lee Memorial Health System
Sitting up, rolling over, crawling and walking are benchmarks in a baby's life. But so is talking. Speech is one of the first indicators that a child may have a developmental problem including autism.