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Where Do The Adopted Children Come From?

Kathryn Patricelli, MA

Children who are waiting to be adopted arise from several different circumstances. First, there are those mothers who find themselves pregnant while not in a committed relationship or feel that they are too young or not ready/willing to accept the responsibility that comes with raising a child. In this case, the mother may decide that for the child and/or herself, it is best to place the child for adoption.

A second circumstance is parents who begin to raise the child, but due to irresponsibility, drug abuse, or other circumstances find the child taken away from them by the state and placed in foster care. If the parents are unable to change their situation, the child may then be available for adoption.

A third situation is parents who may be living in poverty and find themselves unable to support a child, or another child, adequately. In this case, they may choose to place the child for adoption and hope that a family in better financial circumstances can provide a good life for the child.