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Patient Portal

Welcome to our Patient Portal

Our goal is to provide the best care to you and your family. That's why we use communication technology that allows us to be better connected to our patients, and convenient for you. 

We provide you with a private, secure online portal into our practice. Now YOU can control access into your health information and communicate privately and directly with your healthcare team.

You can see test results, view upcoming appointments and request changes, refill medications and much more.

Access patient portal 24/7 using your smart phone, laptop or desktop computer.

Create an account for you or a family member in an easy 2-step process for current patients.

1. Receive a pin number by:
        Calling our call center at 272 – 2244, or ask at your next appointment

2.  Create your patientPORTAL account by clicking here

And that's it we're connected!