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Title:Care Manager Specialist-GFIT-TW 0088 [1373]
Location:Tampa, Florida

Provides advocacy, coordination and continuity of evidence-based care for individuals and families in need through a collaborative process of triage, assessment, planning, and communication. Participates as a member of a multidisciplinary treatment team. Reports to the team lead and program manager.  Bachelor’s degree in a Human Services related discipline and at least 1 year experience in the mental health field.  Point person for all Diversion Alert packets that are flagged for Hillsborough County and responsible for appropriately intervening to explore diversion options in order to provide detailed updates to CFBHN on diversion options.  Identify systematic barriers impairing opportunities for primarily, but not limited to, adults with non-violent third-degree felony charges for adults who are at risk for commitment to a SMHTF.  Serve as primary GFIT/FMDT staff responsible for the in-jail identification, screening, engagement and competency restoration training for individuals whom opportunities for diversion from a SMHTF admission may be possible.  Increase and track diversions for forensic individuals in Hillsborough County.  Integrated with Hillsborough County Jail staff.  Focus on expanding Hillsborough County’s capacity and ability to serve individuals on conditional release that may have otherwise traditionally been served in a secure forensic state hospital.  Provide education and training on forensic statutes and rules, the forensic system of care community-based housing options and services, diversion opportunities, mental illness and other pertinent areas related to community-based treatment in Hillsborough County to community partners and SMHTF. Subject matter expert to circuit court liaisons, forensic case managers, managing entities and SMHTF staff.  Work in conjunction with Peer Specialist to enhance diversion opportunities for all forensic clients.

Salary:Not Disclosed
Hours:Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm
Benefits:Full Benefits Package

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