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Title:Maintenance Technician-Maintenance- KB-0009 [1136]
Location:Tampa, Florida

Must have knowledge of and experience in maintenance or maintenance related field. Must be mechanically inclined, self-motivated and receptive to complete task at hand. Must be in good physical condition to accomplish tasks and jobs such as climbing ladders and working on roof tops. Good driving record is essential. Responsible for lift station maintenance, repairs, and pump and control installations. Installs and repair all types of plumbing fixtures including toilets, sinks, and shower control valves. Proficient in using the snakes to clear clogged drains and main lines. Diagnoses and repairs electrical problems, installs new circuits from the electrical panels. Also completes the routine electrical work (ballasts, switches, outlets, bulbs).Responsible for generator testing, preventive maintenance, and repairs at all of the facilities and the portable generators in the warehouse. Diagnose and repair A/C problems such as motors, thermostats, transformers, contactors, and capacitors. Able to check refrigerant levels, responsible for A/C preventative maintenance (cleaning coils, checking belts, cleaning drain lines).General building maintenance such as repairing drywall, painting, replacing ceiling tiles, light bulbs, replace filters, and lock repair. Responsible for moving furniture between offices and buildings. Building security, opening and closing the main center, maintenance shop, gates. Able to reset fire and security alarms, complete work orders. On- call duties as required 

Salary:Not Disclosed
Hours:Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm
Benefits:Full Benefits Package

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