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Real life stories

Real life stories

One in four people around the world will deal with a behavioral health condition at some time in their lives. One in four. Cancer strikes one in nine.

Think about it.

We all know someone coping with depression, substance use--maybe someone using alcohol or drugs to treat their PTSD.

Our clients and their families share their stories in their own words because they want others to know they are not alone. It's OK to reach out for help.

Call us for advice or help. You can also learn about behavioral health issues, particular illnesses and treatment options in our topic center on our home page. (Note: it's located top left corner)

"Jamarrow would scream, holler and kick...his behavior at school was deplorable." Discover the story of a boy with ADHD learning to control his triggers.
See how Nikiya found her personal power to tell new classmates "No, I don't want that around me." She's sticking to her personal commitment.
"We stay healthy, fit and sober by helping someone else." See how Darrell and Eric are mentoring others through C.O.D.E. Fitness.
Read three real life stories from our CAT Team families and hear how Beth and Christian are finding new ways to talk.
"I can see my progress in my journal and in my garden." From trauma to green-thumbed go-getter...discover Kathleen's story.
"While my ilness kept me out of school, I was able to graduate with my class." Discover how Ashia transformed from a troubled, Baker-Acted teen to a proud high school graduate.
Ana is not afraid to express herself in her therapy group. Now she’s taking those lessons home to her family. That is a leap of faith for this mother of two.
"I went from a non-drinker...to a fifth a day," From addicted doctor to restored rehabilitator...discover Dr. David's story.
"It was important to get the kids back under the same roof with her." Discover how a struggling single mom was able to make it through.
"I lived in abandoned apartments, storage units, a tent in the woods." See how Gracepoint is helping Edwin cope with disease and feel safe again.
"I cannot hide from alcohol...it's pretty much everywhere." Hear how Jim copes with addiction during holidays.